Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the Course

This course is designed to increase your knowledge and awareness of the English grammar you need for TEFL. You may already have some ideas about what grammar is and how it works, perhaps from an experience of learning a foreign language. You may already know some of the terms and concepts that you'll see on this course. Whatever your previous experience of grammar, we won't assume any knowledge at all.

Instead we'll start from scratch. We'll build up your understanding of how grammar works and how it all fits together step by step, giving you a solid grounding in the rules, concepts and terminology as you go through the different videos.

Course outline and structure

Here's what the course looks like:

In Module 1 we'll be looking at what exactly grammar is - what it means and how it works. We'll see how we make words and sentences and how these words and sentences give us different meanings. We'll then step back to look at grammar in the wider context of language as a whole, to see what else we need apart from grammar if we want to communicate in English.

In Module 2 we'll be looking at all the different types of words, like verbs, nouns and adjectives, which we call the parts of speech. We'll see how, why and when we use them and the different jobs they do in a sentence.

With this knowledge of the different parts of speech we'll be ready to look at how to use them to build sentences. In Module 3, clauses and sentences, we'll look at what makes up a clause and a sentence, and the different types of clause and sentence that we can make.

In Module 4, verb tenses and verb forms, we'll look at the different verbs tenses, as well as some other forms and structures that we can make.

In Module 5, we'll look at four different ways you can go about teaching grammar.

We recommend completing the lessons in order, so that you build your grammar knowledge in a logical way.

How a lesson works

Each lesson starts with a video, which contains the main content of the lesson.

Under each video you'll find some accompanying text. This repeats the content of the video in case you prefer to learn by reading. But it also goes into some of the concepts in more detail. You don't need to read this accompanying text to progress, but you may find that it helps with more detailed explanations, additional concepts and further examples.

When you're ready to move on, just click the "Mark as complete" button under the video.

Downloadable Factsheets

At the bottom of some lessons you'll find one or more downloadable summaries of some common grammar structures, designed as a quick reference guide.


There are five short quizzes as you go along to check your understanding of the concepts. You don't need to pass a quiz in order to move on to the next part, but if you do get one or more questions wrong, we recommend you go back over the videos or accompanying texts to consolidate your understanding.


You can email me at [email protected] as you go through the course with any questions you have.

I hope you enjoy the course!